Laser Treatment of secondary cataract
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Secondary cataracts are often confused with just cataracts. Despite the fact that the names are similar, the nature of the disease is different.   Turbidity of the lens is the primary cataract; At secondary-the back wall of a lens capsule is compacted. In this case, the vision is lost after surgery to remove the cataract, when the eye of the patient is an artificial lens.  Therefore, it is not necessary to think that secondary cataract is a re-emergence of cataract. Once removed, the disease will no longer manifest itself.   In cataract surgery, the surgeon implants lens IOL to the place of the murky lens. After surgery, patients often immediately notice the increased visual acuity. But sometimes 15% of the total number of patients operated can again feel discomfort in the eyes. May appear blurred, reducing the brightness of colors. Similar symptoms can be bells that turbid the capsule bag in which the artificial lens was implanted.   The reason for the development of secondary cataracts, among other factors, may be diabetes mellitus or even rheumatism. The nature of the disease is that the epithelium cells react in a certain way to the processes taking place in the capsule bag. They grow and form a film that interferes with the passage of light to the retina. The lens fibers that lead to the fibrosis of the capsule bag are also called Jelshniga balls.   Secondary cataracts can progress for a couple of years or a couple of months. It can appear only after the operation to remove the primary.  The closer the film to the center of the lens, the easier to identify signs of disease.   Signs or symptoms of secondary cataracts are in a weak sensitivity, the difficulty of focusing, in the eyes appears "haze", fog, which give the paints sallowness. Sometimes double the image. There are illuminations from the sun or artificial sources of illumination. And gradually the sight begins to fall. Therefore, if you have such symptoms, you should be aware of the urgent need to consult a doctor.   Treatment of secondary cataract in Batigoz Clinic will allow to cure the disease completely. It is carried out with the help of YAG laser. Most often the treatment is ambulatory, under local anesthesia. And it absolutely does not hurt.   Technically, the laser is directed only to strictly necessary areas of overgrown epithelium, which interferes with eyesight. Artificial lens is not damaged, only pathologically altered areas are removed, which first of all restores vision and its sharpness.   The treatment of secondary cataract by the laser passes:

  The patient is conveniently placed in a special chair for just a couple of minutes, there are no restrictions, only the restored vision and a great mood. YAG – Laser capsulotomy is held in just a couple of stages:

  Probably, it is not necessary to speak about advantages of timely diagnosing and removal of the disease, before fear of operation. Because the opportunity to live in a world in which you can see all its colors and enjoy all its charms, does not compare with the excitement that so often occurs in patients before surgery. The main thing that the patient should remember is that this operation in the clinic Batigoz is carried out completely painlessly, quickly and reliably, thanks to the experience of our doctors-ophthalmologists and the advanced technique used.   Cost of treatment:  

Laser treatments for cataracts
Laser Discizija of secondary cataract5300.00 UAH


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