Laser treatment of retinal eye
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Retina-finest and the most fragile component of the eye system, which performs a very important function in relation to the optical mechanism of the eye with the visual centers of the brain. It consists of nerve cells and receptors sensitive to light. It is the retina that we perceive the image that puritans the cornea and the lens.

Symptoms and causes of retinal diseases

Any retinal disease is characterized by a sharp and progressive visual impairment. Vision objects, nebula and blurred images can also occur. Migraines, headaches, dizziness, bruising or numbness of the fingers may also appear. With these symptoms should immediately visit the ophthalmologist for early detection of the disease. This will allow you to identify and deal with the disease in time. Retinal diseases can occur against other eye diseases, as well as general diseases such as hypertensive disease, kidney and adrenal diseases, diabetes mellitus. There are also problems with the retina in cases of eye or head trauma. Complicated diseases of the retina may also include some infectious diseases, such as influenza.

Risk Group for retinal diseases

The risk group primarily includes people who have other ophthalmic diseases, especially myopia.  The following are pregnant women. During this period, the body is restructured, which can lead to the emergence of the disease. People who are sick of diabetes mellitus also fall into the risk group. It is important to remember that the retina of the eye can have diseases that do not manifest themselves. This usually occurs in the initial stages. And without regular inspections, the disease can progress unnoticeably.

Inflammation of the retina

Inflammation of the retina of the eye is such a medical name as Pigmentosa. Most often at the initial stage only a part of the eye is damaged, and eventually the whole organ of sight. It can affect both one eye and two. The main cause of the emergence-other infectious diseases. The main symptom of inflammation is the reduction of visual acuity. Treatment of retinal inflammation is drug-induced.

Retinal rupture

There is a rupture of the retina of the eye most often in people who suffer from nearsightedness, when the vitreous body is mechanically stretched. When breaking, you may notice flashes of light or dark threads on the eye. It is important to know that the retinal rupture can be found only when looking at the eye bottom with the extended pupil. Rupture can potentially lead to a severe complication – retinal of the retina. Treatment of retinal rupture occurs with the help of laser coagulation of the retina-creating a barrier that prevents the development of retinal detachment.

Retinal detachment

When detaching the retina of the eye is disconnecting the mesh shell from the vascular surface. In normal natural condition, the vascular casing nourishes the retina, which closely adjoins it. The first signs of the beginning of detachment, in which urgently need to address the ophthalmologist:

Treatment of retinal detachment implies immediate surgical intervention, as there are no other ways of solving this problem in medicine at the moment. If the doctor is not contacted in time, irreversible blindness will occur. Read more in the article about operations at retinal detachment. Hemorrhage in the retina is a disease referred to vascular. At hemorrhage in a retina the person feels occurrence of a stain which prevents to see. It can be caused by large physical loads or childbirth. Often this problem occurs in patients with diabetes mellitus. Its consequences can be reduced visual acuity, retinal detachment, secondary glaucoma, retinal dystrophy and other diseases.

Retinal dystrophy

Dystrophy often appears due to disturbance of the vascular system of the organ of vision. In most cases, it is sick of people aged. Dystrophic changes are often at nearsightedness. After all, the disease is an increase in the eyeball and retina, which leads to dystrophy. Treatment of retinal dystrophy occurs with the help of a laser that strengthens it. With the help of a laser the retina is heated, which leads to the clotting of tissues. It allows to carry out surgical intervention without blood and seams. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of vision loss in people older than 50 years. More often occurs in women and because of genetic predisposition, also on appearance can be influenced by cardiovascular diseases as atherosclerosis and hypertensive disease. This disease affects the central part of the retina. At the initial stages of AMD is unnoticed and can be detected only at the reception of the ophthalmologist. In the transition of the disease in the Neovaskuljarnuju form, the patient can mark symptoms such as decreased eyesight, blurred and disappearing areas, the feeling of curvature of the lines. In the manifestation of these symptoms need urgent medical advice. The most effective method of treatment AMD-intravitreal (T. E inside the eye) introduction of drugs that block the growth of new vessels under the retina. Diabetic retinopathy When diabetes affects the retinal vessels, the process of oxygen intake is disrupted and diabetic retinopathy develops. It usually develops 5-10 years after the onset of diabetes mellitus. In the first type of diabetes, retinopathy flows rapidly into proliferative diabetic retinopathy. New vessels are formed, which germinate from the retina into the vitreous body and cause hemorrhage. In diabetes mellitus type II mainly changes occur in the central part of the retina and appears diabetic maculopathy, which leads to lower central vision.   For treatment retinopathy use conservative treatment courses.          

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Pervinne Complex Oftalmologіchne Obstezhennja novonarodzhenih (1-12 months) – Pervinnij news Ta Konsultacіja Lіkarja-ophthalmologist's; – News Perednogo Vіdrіzka Oka in the direct TA lateral osvіtlennі; – News of the full-time DNA for by not direct Bіnokuljarnogo Oftalmoskopa on a wide zіnicju.300 UAH.
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Optometrichnij News – Keratorefraktometrіja; – Viznachennja Gostroti The nature of Zoru – Konsultacіja Lіkarja-Ophthalmologist – Pіdbіr okuljarіv350 UAH.
Preventive diagnostic review after 40 years-pnevmotonometrìâ-keratorefraktometrìâ-determination of Visual acuity and vision-consultation by ophthalmologist-selection of eyeglasses400 UAH.
Re the comprehensive examination (within 3 months) 300 UAH.


·         ultrazvukovoe isledovanie (as in method)250 UAH.
·         pnevmotonometriâ;100 UAH.
·         pahimetriâ;250 UAH.
·         biometriâ (ultrazvukovaâ)100 UAH.
·         biometriâ (biometričeskaâ)100 UAH.
·         optičeskaâ topografiâ rogovicy350 UAH.
·         kompûternaâ perimetriâ300 UAH.
·         fluorescence angiografiâ850 UAH.
·         oftalmofotografiâ fundus (eye)200 UAH.
·         keratopahimetriâ400 UAH.
·         gonioskopiâ100 UAH.
·         biomikroskopiâ150 UAH
·         keratorefraktometriâ100 UAH
·         opredelenie sotroty and personality zreniâ100 UAH
·         oftalmoskopiâ250 UAH
Optičeskaâ zritelnogo tomografiâ drive area coherent nerve, centralnaâ zone setčatki
·         optičeskaâ kogerentnaâ tomografiâ one area (one eye)450 UAH.
·         optičeskaâ kogerentnaâ two tomografiâ zony (one eye)570 UAH.
·         optičeskaâ kogerentnaâ tomografiâ one area (two eyes)600 UAH.
·         optičeskaâ kogerentnaâ two tomografiâ zony (two eyes)850 UAH.
Lazernye methods of lečeniâ setčatki
·         Profilaktičeskaâ periferičeskaâ lazerokoagulâciâ setčatki4 000 UAH.
·         Panretinalnaâ lazerokoagulâciâ setčatki 3-4 ètapa6 300 UAH.
Kursy conservative lečeniâ
·         Diabetičeskaâ retinopatiâ1 700 UAH.
·         Vozrastnaâ makulârnaâ destrukciâ1 700 UAH.


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