Laser treatment of glaucoma
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Glaucoma-what is it? Causes, signs, symptoms, and species. Serious eye diseases (about 50-60 different diseases, with a uniform clinical picture), which are characterized by intolerantnym pressure inside the eye, gradually leading to the disturbance of the water balance of the eye system, the destruction of the visual Nerve and utrachivaniju receipts of signals from the visual mechanism in the brain, united by a common name-glaucoma. Such destructive processes without timely treatment lead to total blindness. This dangerous pathology was known already in ancient times. The name itself came from the Greek-"Azure blurred eyes." In a serious condition at the last stages the pupil has a characteristic muddy green-bluish color. Hippocrates also means this disease in his works. The insidiousness of the disease is manifested in the fact that it can last for a long time without any symptoms. If you do not undergo regular inspections at the ophthalmologist, you can easily skip the initial stage of the eye disorder and lose precious time to fight the loss of vision. A healthy eye is characterized by the uniformity of the flow and outflow of liquids, thus maintaining the balance of pressure. At first signs of glaucoma the balance of metabolic processes is disturbed, accumulation of considerable quantity of liquid leads to pressure on an eye nerve, it atrophy and loses the functional possibilities. The blood circulation is disturbed, the eye mechanism is given a considerable load. Impulses in the brain are getting worse, the peripheral vision is gradually lost (the field of sight is narrowed), followed by inevitable blindness. Causes of glaucoma Modern medicine explains a number of interrelated factors:

At connection of several negative circumstances, there is a start of tletvornyh processes in a system of sight. There is still no definitive unity of opinion on the issue of glaucoma. However, doctors are unanimous in the fact that timely qualified treatment provides an opportunity to save the patient's eyesight. Although the disease can occur at any age, even in infancy, its development is still more often manifested after 40-45 years. The main risk group is people aged over 65-70 years. According to the World Health Organization, glaucoma and cataracts are considered to be the main diseases, which are detrimental and irreversible to the vision of mankind. About 5 million people blind as a result of untimely treatment of specialists to treat glaucoma. As a percentage, it is 13.5% of all blinds on earth. What should alert you? The main symptoms of glaucoma that signal the need to immediately consult a doctor-optometrist:

Classify two main types of disease:

  1. Zakratougolnaya form. Differs in that the ways of natural outflow of liquid are closed. Due to overlapping of iris front camera eyes There is no natural drainage. The liquid accumulates, having no outlet, presses on the eye nerve. Such a defect can lead to a sharp attack of glaucoma, which, in turn, causes loss of vision.
  2. Otkratougolnaya form. The drainage system of the eye is functioning, but with serious deviations. Which also leads to increased intraocular pressure. This type of disease has no acute current, is often asymptomatic. Narrowing of the field of view lasts for several years.

Ophthalmologists of Clinic Batigoz (Kiev), as well as all leading doctors of the world, confidently assert: consultation of the Doctor and carrying out of diagnostic procedures, will help to identify the disease in time and to confront it. Glaucoma diagnosis conducting a survey in the early stages of pathology development is very important for successful and effective treatment. In addition to the general diagnosis, batigoz doctors carry out a number of specific procedures. With the help of advanced modern technologies are produced:

Depending on the stage of the disease, peculiarities of its flow and development, other specific studies can also be appointed. Treatment of glaucoma. Kiev, Batigoz the sooner a disease is detected, the more likely it will be successfully treated. Familiarize yourself with the methods of fighting the disease.   Medical method. The invention of drugs that stimulate the outflow of the eye fluid or reduce its production, produced a real furor in the market of medicines. Conservative methods of treatment are usually aimed at reducing the pressure inside the eye by the beneficial effects of drugs in the form of drops. Instillation spend almost the whole life. The procedure becomes habitual part of everyday manipulations, such as washing, teeth cleaning, shower reception. Ophthalmologists Batigoz always carefully and thoughtfully select the most suitable in each individual situation sparing medications.   Laser treatment of glaucoma. This effective method began to be used successfully in the Seventies of the 20th century. In our time it is improved and applied in the advanced clinics on a permanent basis. Laser treatment is applied when conservative methods do not bring the desired effect. During the laser procedures are carried out as a natural outflow of liquid to normalize pressure in the visual mechanism (trabeculoplasty), and create artificial paths swelling it (iridotomy). When Trabekuloplastike, the Doctor makes the laser on the diaphragm burns microscopic dimensions. Thus the natural outflow of excess liquid is stimulated and the stability of pressure is restored. In the process of iridotomy with the help of a laser microapertures are made which allow to normalize circulation of a liquid and to norm pressure. In our clinic laser procedures are conducted quickly (in the mode of "one day", without pain) and give excellent results. In severe cases, when neither medical method nor laser treatment will help, surgical intervention is applied. Sinusotrabekulotomija is the most common and effective ophthalmic surgery for glaucoma. As a result of manipulations of the surgeon creates a new path swelling fluid in the space under Konjunktivoj, where it successfully resolves.   The implantation of microsize valves (EX-PRESS implant) is also successfully used. Inserted between the outer and inner sheath of the eye, it performs the function of drainage. This method of treatment is very effective even in the late stages of glaucoma, is carried with ease and does not need a long recovery. Even after significant improvements to patients with glaucoma must be constantly under the supervision of a doctor to monitor the dynamics of intraocular pressure and the peculiarities of the visual mechanism. Glaucoma. Prevention and recommendations ophthalmologists recommend to follow simple rules to keep sight even if you were diagnosed with glaucoma and you successfully treated it:

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