Implantation of Phakic lenses (IOL)

Fakichnye lenses The main objective of the FAKICHNOJ lens is to achieve the light that is accurately on the retina. Today implantation of such lenses is a very effective way to get rid of myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism.   What is a Fakichnaja lens? Practically, this lens performs the same function as usual, but it is made of a material which is perfectly similar and compatible with the tissues of the eye. The only difference is that if the usual lens is placed on the cornea, and Fakichnaja-in the back or front camera eyes, preserving the natural lens. Otherwise-the method of vision correction using this lens is the same as using conventional.   And now the main plus fakichnoj lenses, attention-it is possible at any time absolutely without risk to remove!   Fakichnye lenses are perednekamernye and zadnekamernye. They are installed under local anesthesia in 15 minutes. Hospitalization is not needed.   Perednekamernye lenses set on the front camera eyes and they are fixed between the iris and the cornea. Such implantation occurs through a microincision and ends with one seam. In this variant the lens will be in the front chamber of an eye and its fastening is carried out by zashhipyvanijaing part of a iris between fastening details of a lens.   Zadnekamernye lenses will be located between the iris and the lens, namely, in front of it. For implantation it is necessary to extend a certain preparation of the pupil through which the lens is inserted behind the iris. Basically, it does not require an auxiliary fixation, because Well clamped iris and a lens. Without sufficient effort from the place it does not shift.   What are the pros of such lenses?

  It is not suitable if:

    Fakichnye lenses are shown to correct farsightedness (up to + 20 diopters), nearsightedness (up to-30 diopters) or astigmatism (up to 6 diopters). Also suitable for patients with thinning cornea, when there is no chance to apply other methods to restore vision. Can be appointed between the ages of 21 and 45 years. Also, if the depth of the front camera eye is from 2.8 mm or have been stable refraction over the last 12 months.   The selection of lenses takes place in the clinic by an experienced ophthalmologist. Established by a qualified surgeon. As in any other procedure-individually under the patient's peculiarities. We take into account occupation, age, presence of high loads and activity.   Intraocular lenses are often used to treat cataracts using intraocular lenses. Intraocular lens (IOL)-is actually an artificial lens, which the surgeon implants to the place clouded the lens of the patient in cataract. The clinic "Batigoz" for such purposes uses the product of the company Alcon.   It is an American company-leader in planning and production of equipment and various materials used in ophthalmology. Therefore, using Alcon lenses we maximally keep eye tissues during operation and ensure the best possible result. Of course, in our clinic, the patient receives a full range of services-from the selection of IOL to special drugs that facilitate early rehabilitation.   The characteristics of lenses acrysof lenses of this family for a long time show excellent results and, perhaps, are most often used in the world. Since 1994 they have started their application in America, since then they have been successfully used in Ukraine. The quality of the material acrysof behaves the most predictably behaves during the removal of cataracts, so the operation is carried out on the same technology. The range of these lenses is so wide that it optimizes the choice of the surgeon.     Acrysof ® IQ Toric is a flexible monoblock lens that is placed in place of the clouded. The shape of this lens will reduce or completely eliminate astigmatism, as well as improve myopia without wearing glasses or contact lenses. The lens is designed to provide residual spherical deviations in favor of positive corneal deviations, reducing all deviations that impede eyesight. Also, the lens reduces contrast sensitivity and improves the quality of the "picture". This is a very important indicator for people with astigmatism, because it concerns the recognition of the object. Here time goes on for seconds.   ACRYSOF ® Natural Besides the fact that the monoblock lens gives maximum biological compatibility with the tissues of the eye, this lens has a yellow optical filter. It keeps the blue light from hitting the retina.  Therefore, this model not only improves the sharpness, but the patient begins to see more clearly, the colors-brighter and more contrast.  and gives an opportunity to improve eyesight in low light, that is even in the twilight. It was designed specifically to correct spherical deviations. Patients noticed that with such a lens they see colors as natural as possible, while the introduction of conventional lenses in the color scheme is a blue tint. The back surface of the lens is a form that allows you to knapravljajut the Rays and fix them at the desired point on the retina.   ACRYSOF ® IQ ReSTOR Besides the perfect compatibility with the eye tissues, this lens is C-Multifokalna. The main bonus of such a lens lies in its special optical structure. It means that it gives good eyesight as far as in the distance, as well as near. Today it is considered the most effective way to cure cataracts. In addition, an effective chance to correct the age farsightedness.   The cost of implantation IOL in the clinic "Batigoz"  

Monofocal Introakuljakuljarnye Lenses
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Medicontur (Hungary) 8500.00 UAH.
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® MP ma60ac Alcon (USA) Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens acrysof ® SP sa60at Alcon (USA)   13200.00 UAH.
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® SP NATURAL SN60WF (IQ) Alcon (USA) 16500.00 UAH.
Monofocal Introakuljakuljarnye lenses for correction astigmatism
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® IQ toric Lens sn6at2-Sn6at9 Alcon (USA) T2 20200.00 UAH.
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® IQ toric Lens sn6at2-Sn6at9 Alcon (USA) T3 19500.00 UAH.
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® IQ toric Lens sn6at2-Sn6at9 Alcon (USA) T4 20600.00 UAH.
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® IQ toric Lens sn6at2-Sn6at9 Alcon (USA) T5-T9 22800.00 UAH.
Multifocal Introakuljakuljarnye Lenses  
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® ReSTOR ® Aspheric sn6ad1 Alcon (USA) 29000.00 UAH.
Multifocal Tory IOL for correction astigmatism
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® IQ ReSTOR ® Toric Lens snd1t2-snd1t6 Alcon (USA) T2 32600.00 UAH.
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® IQ ReSTOR ® Toric Lens snd1t2-snd1t6 Alcon (USA) T3 35500.00 UAH.
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® IQ ReSTOR ® Toric Lens snd1t2-snd1t6 Alcon (USA) T4-T6 39800.00 UAH.
Trifocals Introakuljakuljarnye Lenses
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens Acrysof ® IQ Panoptix Alcon (USA) 35000.00 UAH.
Intraokuljakuljarnaja Lens ZEISS AT LISA Tri
Operation Phacoemulsification Cataract with implantation IOL Istanbul (Turkey)  
Depending on the model of the INTRAOKULJAKULJARNOJ lens From 30000.00 UAH.
Refractive replacement of the lens with implantation of IOL
Depending on the model of the INTROAKULJARNOJ lens 23 200,00-40 400.00 UAH.

  * Coupled individual disposable set of instruments, solutions, Viskoelastikov for phacoemulsification Cataract Alcon (USA)

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