Vitreoretinalnaja surgery is a vast area in ophthalmology, which responds to complex diseases of the retina and vitreous body. She's the most important one. Why?   The retina is the basis of the visual system. It consists of a large number of receptors, including photoreceptors. The vitreous body is a gel structure that helps to hit the retina with light. Any changes to the vitreous body or retina can lead to reduced vision and require the most rapid treatment.   Frequent diseases of the retina and vitreous body include:

  Diagnostics of sight in Ukraine for tens years allows to reveal at early stages of various pathology and operatively to interfere in process, completely healing it. Such operations are carried out in the conditions of the ambulatory and are not painful.   What are the symptoms of the patient in retinal disease and vitreous Body:

  Vitrectomy is a way to cure the diseases of the vitreous body and retina, which is also the most difficult. The operation requires the highest degree of qualification of the surgeon and the exact same uniqueness of the equipment. Diseases that enter this area bring difficulties in treatment. Fortunately, in today's world there are already methods and necessary technologies that help patients to defeat the disease.   Modern vitrectomy is held in the back section of the eye. This intervention is intended to remove the vitreous body and scar tissue from the surface of the retina, so that it does not and and emulsion. The method is seamless.   The operation is usually carried out from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It depends on the degree of pathology and the amount of intervention that must be involved. The conditions of the operation are outpatient, under the influence of local anesthesia and with a team of specialists. In the operating room, the patient will be required to follow all medical instructions. After the operation, the patient is blindfolded and placed in a special room for rest. Then the doctor signs the rehabilitation treatment, the necessary list of medications, and after his permission the patient can go home.   During the day you cannot:

  After the operation for a month we strongly recommend:


See your doctor immediately!   Remember that regular visits and supervision by a doctor is the way to complete recovery without complications. We recommend that patients who have passed vitrjektomiju be observed at least for 2 months. The doctor will determine the necessary date for the next examination each time you meet the patient. Do not miss these visits and come always clearly on schedule. First of all, it is important for the patient to be in post-operative control and timely reaction to the arising questions. After the period of observation at the Doctor is over, the patient will be given further recommendations on visiting the ophthalmologist.   It is necessary to understand that at the reception of the doctor there is no necessity to be ashamed, therefore ask all questions interesting you and tell to the doctor about all nuances, which concern your sight. Remember that establishing a trust relationship is the first step to a patient's psychological recovery after a surgical intervention.   Prices for Vitreoretinalnuju surgery in Batigoz Clinic:  

  Vitreoretinalnaja Surgery  
Closed Subtotalna Vitrektomija 25 G 27G at Vitreoretinal Pathology From 25000.00 UAH.
  Surgeries on eyelids, muscles and conjunctiva  
Surgical treatment of Holaziona2500.00 UAH.
Plastic surgery on eyelids (gate)5500.00 UAH.
Plastic surgery on eyelids (turns)6500.00 UAH.
Removal of bone conjunctiva I-art. TotalFrom 5500.00 UAH.
Removal of bone conjunctiva II-art.  TotalFrom 7000.00 UAH.
Removal of tumors of the eyelids and conjunctiva I-St.  TotalFrom 2500.00 UAH.
Removal of tumors of the eyelids and conjunctiva II-art.  TotalFrom 5000.00 UAH.
Trihiaze operation (Removal of the century)200.00 UAH.
Surgery on the muscles of the organs of vision at strabismus (one muscle)2500.00 UAH.
Removal of Pterygium І-II art.  TotalFrom 5500.00 UAH.
Removal of Pterygium III-IV art.  TotalFrom 6500.00 UAH.


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