Ever heard of lenses that improve your eyesight while you sleep? In 2005, the Ministry of Health of our country issued permission to use such lenses in refractive therapy. Since then, they have been available to our patients. Refractive therapy, by the way-the most modern method of vision correction, which is now used in clinics.

How does it work?

The outer and inner surfaces of the lenses are arranged in different ways. External-affects the cornea, and the inner helps to redistribute the tear film. In this way, the epithelium layer on the cornea is redistributed, which reduces the strength of the diopters. Because of this, the patient can independently see the day without lenses. But as the upper layer of the cornea is constantly regenerated, the effect is not static. To do this, we put the lenses on every night. In other words, they are lenses with high oxygen permeability that change the refracting power of the cornea while you sleep. During this time there is a short-term change of dioptre, so when you wake up-you get excellent eyesight for a day and more! In fact, night hard lenses, as well as daytime soft, are located on the mucous membranes of the cornea. But because of a certain shape, while you sleep, the lenses will gently change the shape of the shell. This for a while improves eyesight because of the reversible change of the cornea. After 6-8 hours of wearing such lenses, the cornea retains the desired shape. Up to a day. Therefore, no need in the correction of vision lenses during the day. It is enough to wear them for 15 minutes before sleep. It's fast!  Most patients are able to see well after the first use of such lenses. Maximum vision will be available after 2 weeks of wearing. Within 3 years after obtaining the quality certificate in the USA and EU countries, clinical studies in this area were conducted. They proved that the lenses are so safe that they can be assigned even to children from 6 years of age. Risks may be related only to hygienic rules of use and care. So, the possibility of inflammation of the cornea is only 0.039%. That's not much. It is because of the low danger in the first place, such lenses are suitable for small patients. Children often experience a state of stress due to wearing glasses. It can be connected with the peers, with impossibility to exercise normally, with constant increased activity. And the consequence is an opportunity to injure. Therefore, night lenses are perfect at this stage. The child wears them overnight and is under the supervision of their parents. If his eyesight deteriorates quickly, you can use the night lenses to stop the process. Do I have to change lenses often? Let's start with the fact that the term of service of such a lens-1 year. Then oxygen permeability decreases. If after the time you like everything, you can continue to wear the same model. But we recommend that you undergo a diagnosis of vision to ensure that it has not changed. The result of the correction during sleep is completely dependent on the quality of the lenses. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to apply exclusively to specialists and install in our clinic The lenses of the night wearing firm Paragon. Paragon has created the most complex material-fljuorosilikonoakrilat, which today has the best indicators of oxygen permeability in the world, and it took 10 years of research! Fljuor in this case provides a fortress, and silicone-access oxygen. Paragon in 2002 received the necessary quality certificates (FDA and CE) to apply the lenses first and still lead. Today it is the largest producer of raw materials for permeable lenses and 50% of manufacturers use their services. Why? A high degree of permeability with minimal moisture content makes it difficult to contaminate or penetrate the flora that is harmful to the eye. In addition, it perfectly facilitates the process of cleaning the lens. Statistics promise that the risk of microbial keratitu develop when wearing a stiff lens 4 times less than when wearing a soft. The rigid night lens covers the cornea by about 65% and provides better circulation and exchange of tears. Who can be recommended for use:

Lenses cannot be installed if:

Important to know:

Advantages of night wear lenses:

What is the selection?

Correction of eyesight in children with the help of rigid lenses

Night lenses-the most sparing alternative to the correction of vision for children.  The use of lenses in this case solves 2 problems: optical and curative. In other words, there is a chance to qualitatively correct vision, and to stop the development of the disease. If the child has strabismus-is eliminated and it. If you use night lenses-it will bring a stable effect: the eye of the child is working in normal mode all day, he leads the habitual way of life. It is also important that children under 20 years of age can not do laser vision correction, so these lenses completely save the position: You can swim, run, constant supervision of parents at night and no worries for possible injuries, while the child in school.

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